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Festival and Fairs

Feast and Festival is celebrated from the ancient time to have fun and get satisfaction. They get together. It is part of culture. Tibetan people are mostly Buddhist and they celebrate many festival. They have many festival all the year around. The main festival in Tibet is Tibetan New Year, Saga Dawa and… Beside that there are many festival throughout the year.

The festival tibetan people celebrate are as follows:

  1. The New year (Lhosar)
    We all know that New Year falls in the first day of the year. Like wise Tibetan people celebreate the new year in the first month of first day according to their calendar. Tibetan people call new year as Lhosar. There are 12 different barga in 12 years (each year is considered as one animal). This barga are named after different animals. So, for one year they have one animal.
  2. Saga Dawa Festival 2012
    Saga Dawa festival is another important Buddhist festival in Tibet. It is held every year on the full moon day ( day when Lord Buddha was born) of the fourth lunar month of the Tibetan calendar, to celebrate Sakyamuni’s enlightenment. Each year thousands of people from all over Tibet gather together. They erect the huge flagpole on the Kailash Kora. They attach the prayer flags to pray at the pole. The whole ceremony is led by a Tibetan Lama from the nearby monastery. The actual rising of the flagpole from the ground is intresting to see. The people circumambulate the flagpole and pray and throw ‘windhorses’ (little pieces of coloured paper with buddhist scriptures on them) into the air. They help to remove last years prayer flags and attach new ones. As a visitor you are welcomed to participate with them. They go around and around, time after time. Along the sides, on the slope of the nearby hills, a lot of people are sitting to watching the ’spectular festival’. There are musicians who play all the time on their horns and musical instruments. We can really feel a sudden great sense of happiness surrounding us. So, we request you to visit Holy Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasrovar at this time of year.
  3. Yoghurt Festival
    Yoghurt Festival is also called Sho Dun which is held at Norbulingka in Lhasa. This festival normally falls in August in the summer time.Monk in mosantries takes part in this festival who avoid walking as they don’t want to kill insect. They stay in retreat for a month.Monks are given yoghurt as an offering. There is singing and dancing in Yoghurt festival which is intresting at Norbulinka, Lhasa.Beside this there are many festivals celebrated throughout the year. They are:
  4. Monlam Prayer Festival
  5. Butter lamp festival
  6. Thangka unveiling Tashilumpo
  7. Samling Chisang/ Samye Dolde
  8. Gyantse Horse festival
  9. Ganden Thangka Unelling
  10. Shoton Festival
  11. Zamling Chisang/ Samye Dolde.
  12. Labrang Festival
  13. Karma Dunba (shower Festival)
  14. Nakchu horse Racing
  15. Yushu Horse Racing.
  16. Litang Horse Racing
  17. Lhabab Horse Racing
  18. Palden Lhamo Festival
  19. Ganden Nga-Choe.

And many more…