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Visa and Permit

Tibet permit is also called Tibet visa/ Tibet invitation letter/ Tibet group visa/Tibet paper visa/Tibet Travel Permit. Tourist (we) get confused with Tibet visa and Chinese Visa. Simply Tibet visa comes in paper and Chinese visa comes in passport. So, please get clear idea that we can’t travel by Chinese visa to Tibet. It is useless to get Chinese Visa while we travel from Nepal to Tibet. As it gets cancelled and we have to get Tibet permits. It allows us to travel to Tibet and also allows you to travel to main land China for few days. When we reach on main cities in China we can get the Chinese Visa and travel in China.

Be sure while we travel from Mainland China to Tibet also we will have to get the Tibet visa/permits. Visit to Tibet travels and tours arrange all necessary travel permits /visa from any side you enter into Tibet for travel, tour, trek in entire Tibet including central and western. We make all travelling arrangements as per your choice. Like you have option of hiring Tibetan guide, driver and transportation or you can have entire package deal which includes all accommodation, meal (freshly cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner), local guide, coordinator (Team Leader) and off course vehicle or flight. We meet all your travelling needs in Tibet with reasonable price.

Procedure to get Tibet Permits?

Please don’t get confused you can’t apply for Tibet permit on your own. You can’t apply visa approval individually. You have to rely on Travel agent in Nepal and Tibet. To issue Tibet visa approval and permit authority are given to Travel agent of Nepal. Visit to Tibet Travels and Tours have got full authority to apply for Tibet visa approval, apply for it and get the Tibet permits.

We send your passport copy (scan) to Tibet agent before 15 to 20 days to apply for permits. It is to get authority from Tibet government. So, Tibet agent will send us visa approval. We need to fill up the form given by Chinese Embassy at Kathmandu. All your personal details has to be filled by yourself. We need to sign our own form and stick a passport size picture on form. Then we will apply the application, visa approval, with original passport to Chinese Embassy at Kathmandu. The visa/permit applying day is Monday, Wednesday and Friday when Embassy opens. We can then leave to Tibet on following day after getting visa.