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How many days required for Mt. Kailash Yatra?

14 days by A/C deluxe coach and – 10 days by Helicopter via Nepalganj.

How we will be doing 14 days Yatra?

Kathmandu to Kodari (Nepal – Tibet border) non a/c tourist bus will be used. In Tibet, A/C deluxe coach will be used. Routing Kathmandu-Zhyagmu-Nyalam-Saga-Paryang-Mansarovar-Darchen Dirapuk-Zuthulpuk-Darchen-Paryang-Saga-Nyalam-Kathmandu.

10 days Kailash Yatra by Helicopter Kathmandu – Nepalgang – Simikot – Hilsa (by helicopter) – Taklakot – Mansarovar – Darchen – Dirapuk – Zuthulpuk – Darchen – Mansarovar – Taklakot – Hilsa – Simikot (by helicopter) – Nepalganj – Kathmandu. Also 3 days Mt. Kailash Parikrama.

What sorts of transport/vehicles are provided for Kailash Mansarovar Yatra package (Nepal & Tibet) side both?

Nepal: We always ensure that comfortable and decent mean of transportation is provided to all of it’s customers. Generally, types of vehicles vary upon group size. For example, non a/c car, bus, hiace, mini bus etc.

Tibet: We have always been assessing the services on the ground. We have been using land cruiser in the past years for our yatris due to the road condition in Tibet. However, upon our assessment, we have found out that, road condition in Tibet has dramatically progressed. Thus, looking at the road condition and comfortable point of view, we have decided to use deluxe a/c tourist coach for Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. Our yatris enjoy chanting bhajans whilst their journey in such comfortable coach.

What sorts of hotels are provided for Kailash Mansarovar Yatra package (Nepal & Tibet) side both?



Helicopter Yatra: 5 Star Annapurna / 5 Star Shangri La or similar Overland Yatra: 4 Star Vaishali, Grand, Manaslu or similar


Siddhartha, Vatika, Sneha or similar (For Helicopter Only)

Tibet: Bearing comfort of our yatris in mind, we have decided to minimize use of camping wherever possible. Thus, our Kailash Mansarovar Yatra itinerary includes guest house at all places in Tibet (no more camping).

Nyalam: Guest house New Dongba: Guest hoTaklakot: Guest house Mansarovar: Guhouse Darchan: Guest house Derapuk: Guest house Zuthulpuk: Guest house

How can we make payment?

Deposit: Non-refundable deposit of £200 per person or equivalent in other currency (for those not residing in the UK) is required to secure place for your Yatra.

Final payment: The payment for the outstanding balance of for your holiday is due eight weeks prior to your departure date.

Method: Paymentcan be made by credit/debit card, banktransfer or Cheque (local cheque only).For bank transfer Account No: 45182523Sort Code: 50-41-01 Bank: NatWest Bankplc. Please make all Cheque payable to:LUMLE HOLIDAYS LTD. Trust Account andpost to our office address. Credit orDebit Card by Phone: Please call us on0845 475 3435 to pay over the phone. Ifyou choose to settle your holidaybalance by credit card a handling chargeof 4% on the outstanding balance is mad. There is no handling charge forpayment by UK debit card, cheque or banktransfer.

What is Chinease Visa & Tibet Travel Permit?

The Chinese visa is a paper based document known as group visa.

In a first stage of process, we would require completed documentation from you by post. The list of documents that are require are listed in booking confirmation document which we will forward you by post or email once we receive deposit payment. We will obtain your Tibet Travel Permit

Once, we obtain Tibet permit, will apply for Chinese visa (generally, this happens on a very next of your arrival in Kathmandu). We would need your original passport to do this. We will return your passport once, we obtain Chinese group visa.

Since, all this process is timeconsuming; we highly suggest our yatristo book or decide Yatra as early aspossible.

Is Asthapad excursion included in our Yatra?

Kailash by Helicopter Yatra includes Asthapad excursion. Our standard Kailash Mansarovar overland Yatra does not include Asthapad excursion. However, we are more than happy to arrange this excursion for you with a little extra cost of £50 per person.

What is Inner & Outer parikrama?

Outer parikrama: Our standard Kailash Mansarovar overland Yatra and Kailash by Helicopter are generally outer parikrama. These are easy to complete.

Inner parikrama: On the other hand, inner parikrama isquiet challenging and takes longer thanouter parikrama. Generally, it takes 3-4days longer than our standard overlandtour and cost £399 per person extra.Please ensure you are healthy enough todo this parikrama. We do not recommendinner parikrama for anyone beyond theage of 60 years old unless they are goodhealth condition.

What if I am unable or don’t want to do parikrama?

If you are unable to do or don’t want to do parikrama, you may choose to stay in Darchen. We will provide you with accommodation and food in Darchen (base camp for Kailash). You will stay in Dacrhen and wait until other return from the parikrama. However, you are responsible to bear any cost for such stay (which you can pay directly).

Can I return without parikrama and without waiting for group?

Generally, the answer is not. You enter with the group and you exit with the group.

Can I do parikrama riding on horse (pony) and how much does it cost?

Yes, you can do this. The cost is approximately 2000 -2500 Yuan and may vary payable directly to horse herder or yak man or the porter. Please note that, the package does not include these costs.

What will be the group size or how many people are in the group?

We provide 1 Sherpa for every 5-6 yatris. Generally, our group size is made of around 25 people.

Is it essential or good to commence the tour on a full moon day?

You can commence your yatra any day. Some people prefer to reach at Mansarovar or Kailash on full moon day.

Full Moon departures are subject to 10% additional cost.

There are several reasons why yatris choose full moon.

Festivals in Tibet happen during Full Moon (especially Saga Dawa Full Moon Festival: the holiest day in Tibetan Buddhism) – Full-Moon in Mansarovar: Many yatris prefer doing puja during the Full moon (Purnima) – Many want to see beautiful view of full moon over Mount Kailash – Prefer doing Kora during Full-moon

Disadvantages yatris travelling on Full-Moon:

Tibet might close: Occasionally immolation happens in Tibet during festivals during summer time. Like last year in May 2012, Tibet was shut down by government for a month or so. So many Yatris were stranded or postponed their dates even though they have all the permit and paperwork.

Crowd: Since many people want to go to Tibet during the full moon, there will be overbooking of Guest houses and vehicles in Tibet. To reduce this, a government agency, CIPSC (Chinese Indian Pilgrim Service Centre) has incurred extra 10% charges for the travellers.

Unnecessary price increase: Due to high demand all services in Tibet side, many local people will make goods and services expensive. So if you need any additional goods or services that we do not provide then it might be pricey.

What sorts of items should I carry?

We suggest you take warm clothes like sweater, trousers, thermo coat, monkey cap, trekking shoes, high neck, gloves etc. For extensive, Kailash kit list, please refer to our trip dossier which we will post once we receive deposit payment.

Can we keep in touch with our friend & family during the Yatra?

You may bring GSM phone (unlocked) with you and buy Chinese sim card at phone shop on the way to Kailash.


All arrangements within Tibet are solely at the discretion of the China Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB); a government organizations, and we have no control over the quality of vehicles or facilities. TTB has right or can deny permit or even stop giving permits from time to time.

Do you cater tailor-made itinerary if, yes, and then what are the criteria?

Yes! We are able to tailor-made standard itinerary but we would require your group size of 25 people at least. Even, in some cases, we may still be able to provide you with tailor-made itinerary but with higher cost. These are known as private yatra.

What type of food and drink will be provided during Kailash Yatra (especially in Tibet)?

The hygienic and pure vegetarian food will be provided during yatra. We will be providing drinking water.

What sorts of clothing and accessories are suggested for yatra?

Kailash Mansarovar yatra involve yatris travelling to the high altitude areas. Hence, the climate tends to be cold. Thus, yatris are recommended to take warm clothes, thermo coat, monkey cap, comfort shoes, masks, walking sticks, sunscreen lotions and sun glasses etc. during yatra. However, please refer to our yatra dossier for extensive list.

Can we use foreign currency in Tibet?

The answer is No! The currency that is used in Tibet is only Chinese Yuan. You can change your currency to Chinese Yuan once you arrive in Kathmandu or Tibet border.

In how many days would I finish Mt. Kailash parikarma and how long it is?

Holy Kailash parikarma is approx 52 kms trek to be completed in 2 nights / 3 Days. Night camping/guesthouse in Dirapuk & Zuthul-puk.

What is the best time to travel?

Holy Mt. Kailash yatra starts in the last week of April till September every year.

How many days would I need to hire the Yak / Horse and a Porter during the whole trip and how much it costs?

If you do not want to trek you can hire horse/pony for parikarma. Parikarma (kora) that is for 3 days. It will cost you approx. Yuan 2000 per Yak with Yak man.

What are the hidden charges i.e. to be paid direct?

Additional expenses incurred due to delay, Accidents, Natural disaster & Political action. Following are the charges not included during yatra.

Yak and Yak man cost – Rescue or evacuation if need, Tibet visa separation cost – Travel insurance, drink, laundry, Telephone/fax, Additional transportation cost. – If you are not going for Kailash Parikrama due to any reason and staying back at Darchen for three days, you have to pay extra £50 per day for accommodation and food in Darchen. – Airport tax of Kathmandu. To be paid cash direct at the airport while taking return flight.

How much amount we should carry and in what form whether traveller’s cheque, Dollar or Tibetan cash or Indian Rupees?

In Kathmandu you may use USD OR Indian Currency (however denominations of INR 500 & 1000 are not allowed in Nepal). For Tibet you will need Chinese Yuan only. For 14 days in Tibet we suggest you to carry approx Yuan 3000 Per Person. Which you may need for emergency and to pay for horse during Kailash Parikrama. Balance (unused Yuan) may be exchanged again on the way back.

INR 100 = NPR 160 INR 100 = CNY 14 (CHINESE YUAN) You can exchange Yuan in Kathmandu or in Tibet border. Most of the yatri/customer exchange their currency in Nepal-Tibet border.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please refer to our booking terms & conditions.

Do you provide something?

We Provide: Camping Equipment’s (to be returned at the end) – Sleeping bags (down with inside extra cover), (to be returned at the end) – Jacket (down) (to be returned at the end) – Oxygen Back-up & Gaymo Bag.

What medical reports do I need to carry?

No medical report is required but we insist every yatri to consult their doctor before traveling to high altitude. Also every yatri must declare their physical status and specify if they are allergic to any medicine.

Besides the passport what other official documents will I need on the yatra?

You need to carry:Valid Passport with 4 passport size photographs Medical Insurance Policy

Can we take children with age group of 6 and 10 years?

Yes, can take children (physically normal) along with you but at your own risk because you know your child better.

What are the precautions taken for the children?

You have to take same precautions as you are taking for yourself.

Will one oxygen cylinder be sufficient for four of us?

Our team will provide oxygen cylinder in emergency. Usually, oxygen cylinder is not required. However, some yatri prefer to carry their own handy oxygen cylinders. You may buy small portable cylinder in Tibet. It may cost approx. Yuan 30-40 per cylinder.

What will be the charges for children?

Yatra cost is same for children.

Will your cook be travelling with us during the entire trip. Will he be carrying stove and utensils can he make vegetarian items?

Yes, cooks will be travelling with you during the entire trip. They will carry all necessary cooking items with them and you will get only vegetarian food during yatra.

Can we prescribe the menu for cooking on daily basis?

Yes, you may discuss and suggest your choice. If possible and other yatris agree our cook will not mind cooking your choice of food.

Is VISA cost included in the total tour cost?

Yes, cost of Tibet Visa is included. However, cost of Nepal visa is not included (applicable for foreign nationals only). Indian passport holders do not need Nepal Visa.

Can we find some helpers to help our kids/luggage during the trekking part of the journey? Will they be available there or do we have to take them with us

Yes, you can get helpers/porters for your kids/luggage; the charge may be approx Yuan 300 per day

What will be the arrangement in case there is any break down of vehicle (Coach)?

We will send another Vehicle (Coach).

Are there any frequent landslides on the way?

No, it depends on weather.

Is good sanitation available during the camping days?

Yes, toilet tents may be made available.

Availability of drinking water on the yatra?

Water bottles / pure natural mineral water may be made available.

Where we can find facial cream and all other items?

You can buy everything in Kathmandu, Nepal. Our executive will guide/help you.

Can I bring video camera and digital camera? Weather we will have possibility to recharge the batteries or is there any restrictions to use these things.


Yes, you can bring camera & videos along with you. The voltage in Tibet is 220V. Can be re-charge most of the places but not during 3 days parikrama. We suggest to travel with extra batteries.

What about communication possibilities?


Darchen (base camp of Mt. Kailash) is the last point where communication facility is available. Mobile will not work in Kailash region. It works only in town. Our guides will be using satellite phones during parikrama.

Is there any pandit available?

No! you have to bring your pundit.

When we should book the Holy Mt. Kailash Yatra and how to book?

You should book this yatra minimum 45 days in advance. To book, we need copy of passport (1st page only) with £200 per person advance non-refundable deposit.

Is it necessary to send our document with advance 45 days before?

Yes, we must send copy of your passport to China for approval.

If we are not feeling comfortable or physically fit for parikarma then what we will do.

In such case, you must stay back in Darchen for 3 days.

What type of medical test is required for this trip?

TMT test. (not compulsory)

What we must carry?

Be sure you have the needy items!

Warm clothes, water bottle, water purification tabs, sun tan lotion utility knife, dusk musk, medicine for headaches, fever, colds, stomach disorders and diamox (unless you are allergic to sulpha drugs) for altitude sickness, It is also good to carry dry fruit, juice powder, breads, candy, canned or packed food, nuts, pickles and biscuits.

if you do not have any of the above items, our executive will assist you in Kathmandu.

Do you have any age restriction?

The age limit is 65 years old. If you are below 65 years old and physically fit you may travel but we insist everyone to consult their doctor and must mention that you are going to high altitude. Couple of old aged people travelled with us and have successfully done the parikrama.