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Place to Visit

Jokhang Temple:

Jokhang Temple built on 7th century is in Mandala Shaped strutcture. It has a large gold image of Shakyamuni Buddha. It is holiest Buddhist temple in Lhasa, Tibet. Thousand of Tibetan Buddhist and foreigner gain spiritual merit going around the Jokhang Temple. The center Amita Sutra / Mantra is the principle of Jokhang. It is situated in the ancient city center called Barkor Street, this street is also called Bajiao. This temple is situated in the heart of old Lhasa. Jokhang Temple is religious, spiritual and old market center of the Lhasa. Jokhang temple and surroundings or Barkhar street is considered to be trading place from generation ago in Tibet. There are shops, stall and markets. It is good to buy souvenir at Barkor and Tibet.

The history of Jokhang dates back to Emperor (King) Tsangtang Gampo who married Princess of Nepal named Bhrikuti. So, Princess Bhrikuti build Jokhang Temple. It is four story Building where you can see the various combination of art and architecture like that of Tibet, Nepal, Indian etc. Jokhang temple has many Chapels . The chapels has many stuatue of Buddha like Amitahibha, Avalekiteswara, Shakyamuni / Gutuam Buddha, Mitreya, Padmashambhawa, Tsongkapa.

Sera Monastery:

Sera Monastery built in 1419 by Jamchen Ghoeje, disciple of Tsong Khapa. It is 3 km away from main Lhasa city. Sera Monastery is white-washed walls and golden roof top. This monastery belongs to Gelupa sect. Sera was university which was smaller than Drepung in the layout or size. Sera Monastery have numerous chapels and for main temples. The chapels are devoted to Tsong Khapa, Dharmapala, Amitabha, Yamadhaka, Shakayamuni Buddha and many more deties. The unique things of this monastery is one the temple is construted with 108 pillars which has the statue of Maitreya Buddha.

Norbulinka Monastery

Norbulinaka consturctedin 1740 lies west of Jokhang. It is big garden covering 36 hectares also called Treasure Park. . Tibetan people call Norbulinka as lovely garden. So, Norbulinka Monastery has garden with lovely flowers. It used to be former Dalai Lama summer palace.

The palace served the Qing minister stationed in Tibet. It was also meant to serve 7th Dalai Lama as the place for bathing and recuperating. Other Dalai Lama like 8th ,13th and 14th each kept adding Palace for themselves. Because of successful expansion of garden which was in between 200 years. This Norbulinka convereted into a large scale palace complex with garden. Norbulinka was closed for local for many years but now in the festival Local Tibetan are allowed to enter where they sing and dance. They bring the tents and food where they distribute to each other.


Potala Palace lies just in front of Bejing road on the Mar Po Ri Hill. Potala Palace stands 117 meter high as a castle in air touching the sky. It is 13 story building. Red building is surrounded by white building. It used to be once serving as a palace of Dalai Lama.

To visit to Potala Palace we have to climb the stair case. The Potala Palace is centre of attraction. It is one of the renowned Palace from where get to see the best view of Lhasa city. This monument and extra ordinary building which is preserved under UNESCO world heritage site which was build in 17th Century. The interior space of Potala Palace is approximately 1,30,000 square meters where private quarter of the Dalai Lama is also located.

Potala Palace which stands as in centre of Lhasa was built by 5th Dalai Lama in between 1645 and 1693. It is believed that Tomb of 5th Dalai Lama contains lots of valuable jewels. There are thousands of Chapels at Potala Palace. Among them east Chapel is dedicated to Tsong Khapa and South Chapel center around Padamasambhava. There are thousand of brilliant Thankas and image is being painted on the wall. It is believed that the we gain merit for future lives.

Drepung Monastery

Drepung Monastery lies west of Lhasa on a hill. It is 11 km away from main Lhasa city. It was build on 15th Century where more than 10,000 monks used to reside once upon a time. Now also it is considered as one of the richest monastery as it is a house for more than 1000 monks. This monastery governs more than 7000 other subsidiary monasteries. In the main festival and ceremonies the entrie monastery monk get together and performs ritual ceremonies. Buddhist people in Tibet have great respect on this monastery.

Ganden Monastery

Garden Monastery is located east of Lhasa. It is almost 60 km from main Lhasa city. Garden monastery is considered as one of the biggest monasteries in Tibet which belongs to Gelup sect. This monastery dates back from 1409 A.D. The main monasteries contains the Coqen hall which is college of Yangbajian. As this monasteries was founded by Tsong Khapa of Gelung school one of the chamber is dedicated to Tsong Khapa. There is an annual celebration of Buddhist activity where the Buddhist Painting is unfolded in the festival. It is the biggest festival celebrated by Ganden monastery.

Barkhaor Street.

Barkhor Street is the oldest city area of Lhasa, Tibet. It is the ancient street which surrounds Jokhang Temple. We must see this street as it represents old Lhasa. It is considered as old Lhasa. Since Tibetan King Tsongtson Gampo built Jokhang temple in 647 A.D, then onwards due to it’s glory thousands of Buddhist pilgrim was attracted. As a result Barkhor street was the place was occupied by by religious people. While making the settlement they left the space where people can go around the Jokhang temple. Still Buddhist people and tourist go around Barkhor street on clockwise direction. We can also rotate the prayers wheels to gain merits. Buddhist people also do Kora by counting with their body length on this Barkhor Street.