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How to Visit Tibet?

By land

Going overland to Tibet, Nepal is the best transit point. We can make the permits and visa easily. Before we head to Tibet it is good to trek in Nepal. Hiking and Trekking in Nepal before heading to Tibet makes your body acclimatize well/ use to high altitude in Tibet. So, our recommend is let’s trek in Nepal and visit to Tibet. The nearest Tibetan border town is Zhangmu which is 115 km from Kathmandu. It is 4 hours ride from Kathmandu to Kodari. It is boarder of Nepal and Tibet. The friendship bridge separates Nepal and Tibet. Till Kodari boarder we will be using vehicle of Nepal and from Kordari boarder we change Tibet vehicle Land cruiser, bus, van and car. Depending on group size we provide the vehicle for overland tour and Trip.

The first overnight is done at Nyalam itself. It is good to have extra night at Nyalam city. We can have day hike it make our body used to high altitude(acclimatize). When we are used to high altitude. We can further continue to central Tibet or Western part of Tibet.

From Nyalam road separates to central Tibet i.e.Lhasa and to Holy Manasarovar- Mount Kailash or further to Guge, Toling etc.

To continue overland journey to central it taks 5 days. we will reach Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. We will cross several high altitude passes. We see Himalayas including Mt. Everest, Sisapangma and many other Himalayas. We will see many nomadic Yak herders en-route. We will visit Tashilumpo Monastery in Shigatse, Kumbum Stupa in Gyantse and Yamdrok Tso Lake during the overland trip. We will definitely take you to Potala Palace, Jokhang, sera and Derapung Monastery around Lhasa before you return to Kathmandu from Lhasa.

Zhangmu is also the entry point of Tibet for those who are taking a 15 days Mount Kailash, Manasarovara trip. Kathmandu to Kailash back to Kathmandu can be done overland using Kodari boarder. The far west Tibet trip like Guge Kingdom, Toling, Tsprang and more remote part can be done by land from Kathmandu.

Sher/ Hilsa is another point of entry in western Tibet which is accessible after 6 days trekking from Simikot of Nepal. Simikot is far western region of Nepal which fall in Humla district. Simikot can be reached by flight from Nepaljung. Hilsa boarder or route is also used by Mount Kailash visitors who goes by Helicopter trip.Those tourist (we) who is coming from main land China to Lhasa can take train direct to Lhasa. Or we can take bus service from Golmud to Lhasa.

By Air from Nepal.

Kathmandu is connected with Lhasa by flights. There is a two way flights between Kathmandu to Lhasa. The airport in Lhasa is called Gongar. It is 65 km away from Lhasa. Air China operates flights between Kathmandu and Lhasa every Saturday and Tuesday in off season. In the peak season they have flight every day in a week. Depending on the tourist flow or season, additional flight is also operated.It is always good to book and issue the ticket in advance to make the trip to Tibet 100% successful.

By Air from Mainland China

Now in Tibet there is flight from Kathmandu to Gongar airport at Lhasa in Tibet. Spending i.e. touring few days in Lhasa would help you to acclimatize with high altitude and further continue other side trips to Tsedang tour, Namtso Lake tour or drive back to Kathmandu on friendship highway. We can add the side trip to Everest base camp on Tibet side. Still we can further continue to Mt. Kailash tour. It depends on how long our holidays is and our interest to explore the Tibet.

There are regular flights to Lhasa from Beijing, Chengdu and Xi’an. Be sure we will need to have Tibet permits to enter into Tibet. So, we arrange you Tibet permits/visa. So, we can travel to Tibet without any difficulty. Likewise we can tour in Central Tibet towards Lhasa and fly to Kathmandu and do tour and trek in Nepal. We meet all your travelling needs in Nepal and Tibet.

By surface

Golmud is connected with Lhasa by Qinghai-Tibet Highway. Lhasa has also surface connection with Sichuan and Yunan provinces in the east and by Sinjiang-Tibet Highway in the west. These days there is train service from different part of China to Lhasa.

From Lhasa you can also take train to different other cities in China beside taking flight. The train departs to various city like Beijing, Chengdu, Shaingai, Quiming, Golmud and many more other cities. Travelling in train in Tibet is adventurous journey which take across in the highest plateau of the world. Enjoy and experience the train ride in Tibet.

What to wear in Tibet?

What to bring while visiting to Tibet?

Clothing and Accessories Almost all the year round weather in Tibet is warm in the day and immediately the sun sets it is too cold. So, we need to carry warm clothing. Inner thermal, once the sun set it is than it is cold. We need to carry good warm clothing. warm clothingWarm clothing is required throughout the year but most particularly from October to April. In general, inner thermal, sweater are recommender dressing in layers is recommended. Few change of clothes such as shirt, sweater, jacket & cotton inner linings with tops & bottoms, comfortable walking shoes, pair of pants should be sufficient. During the month of October to April more heavy woolen or down clothing & boots will be required.

Other recommended accessories are water bottle, water purification tabs, chap-stick, suntan lotion, utility knife, flash light, battery operated shavers, dusk mask or bandana, medicine for common colds, headache, fever, stomach disorders & diamox for altitude sickness. For camping/trekking trips we recommend: Down jacket or warm fleece top + Parka, Thermal underwear (top and bottom), Cotton shirts (short and long sleeved), Warm and cotton trousers, Sun polarized sunglasses, warm woolen hat, gloves and socks, Comfortable walking shoes/boots, Sandals (flip-flops), Towel, Sleeping bag, Rain jacket, Strong sun cream and lip protector, Moisturizer & Please don’t miss water bottle

Why is Insurance very important before visiting to Tibet?


Just to remind Tibet is too high so, it is called the roof of the world. On an average altitude of the Tibet is more than 4,000 meter from the sea level. And we are not having proper rest while going overland. It is good and most necessary to have proper rest in place like Nyalam while entering Tibet from Nepal. It means it is good to spend two more night in Nyalam to get fit with (used to) altitude sickness. Like wise we have to stay in Taklakot two night for those Yatris who are going to Holy Manasarovar and Mt. Kailash on Helicopeter. This route is in western part of Nepal.

We have to take precautions before heading to high altitude. First is to we have to have proper rest. Second but most important things that we have to follow while visiting Tibet is to drink water. Fluid like various juice, soups are highly recommended. We know and feel like not eating and drinking. But we have to drink or take liquid food that keeps us fit and fine (maintain good health) in high altitude. Please be sure that will drinking alcoholic drinks and not smoking helps to remain with no problem in high altitude. We guarantee your tour and trek in Tibet if we do so. We will make your tour/Yatra 100 % (percent) safe and successful. We will have life long memorable trip with Visit to Tibet tours and Tavels.In case you want to have Insurance. It is also taking precaution. It will be easy to claim the money from your insurance company.

What to take in Tibet?


Warm gears like inner thermal, sweater, Down Jacket, gloves, ear cover caps are necessary throughout the year. The weather in Tibet is normally sunny in day and when sun sets it is really cold. So, we have to plan taking warm gears.

In Tibet there is less rain fall In raining season. While you are travelling in May, June, July, August. It is good to carry water proof raincoat.Foot wears: good trekking shoes /boots is necessary. It is compulsion to have good shoes. (It is for Kailash tour/ Yatra.) Pilgrim/ Yatris (We) should also carry warm woolen shoes at least 2 to 3 pairs. It will protect you from cold. When our body is warm and normal we remain healthy. (Note: We provide you returnable down Jacket, sleeping bag. Please be sure we also provide you Duffel bag to put our all belonging, small day pack to carry raincoat, water bottle, camera, mobile etc. At last not to be missed Visit to Tibet Travels and Tours Pvt. Ltd. provide ear cover cum sun protection on face caps to all the Yatirs/Pilgrim/tourist which you don’t need to return. It is a small souveniour for our side.)