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Altitude kills the people. In the high altitudes our body needs to get rest. So, we our itinearary is made in such a way that you have a rest day while you go to high and too fast. Like while going to Mt. Kailash tour we have rest day in Nyalam and Manasarovar. On this day we hike to hill and rest. We need to take plenty of liquid (non alcoholic drinks). We can acclimatize in high altitude by hiking on the hills. It gives our body to feel easy. As we hike on the hills and come down to rest. Our body get used to high altitude. Some clients take Diamox for the high altitude. It makes us feel like drinking water while taking diamox. So, diamox will also help in a way for high altitude. But the best way is to get dehydrated (drink water), juice etc. As you will be drinking lots of liquid no need to worry about altitude. On top of drinking water please do take rest and reduce your speed. Like one third of the speed should be reduced while you are on altitude. Local people in Nepal do use garlic for the altitude sickness.