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Health & Experience Require 

Health is wealth. Remaining healthy we would be able to complete the trip (trek and tour) without any difficulty. So, preparation should be done months ago. Like for Kailash trip we would be heading to Dollma La pass which is over 5620 meter pass. So, for this trip we must be prepared from around 3 months ahead. Like we would have to walk each day. Do regular exercise which keeps us fit while we are at field.

Experience is other important thing. We got to learn from every step of our life. Life is full of fun and experience. You might have been to some of the Yatra beforess. But trek to Tibet or tour to Tibet is the toughest Yatra in the world. We are going to high altitude too fast and it is too high. So, we have to be careful. Like we have to drink lots of water, liquid to keep fit in altitude. We have to hike to hill. We have to slow down our pace. It is good to be protected from the wind,rain. Like we have to wear down Jackets with layers to get proctected. Like wise we have to bring our raincoat when you are travelling from April, May, June, July, August.

Please don’t forget to get down Jacket. Down Jacket are recommended throughout the year.