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Meals are served in restaurants and hotel in Tibet. Beside that while doing tour with us. We (our Nepali crew) will provide you freshly cooked meals. On the way to Lhasa on friendship highway you get meals like you get at Thamel. The price is almost similar of that you pay here at Thamel in Kathmandu. Noodle soup, Thukpas are most common and trustworthy food. First things in altitude you don’t feel like eating. Second thing you need more liquid (fluid) in the altitude. So, the best food while you are in altitude please order noodle soups and Thukpas. It is good things to take some chocolate bar, nuts while you are there. Sometimes you might not feel like eating and drinking. So, it is good to take a chocolate bar and drink plenty of water. In winter espically when there is heavy snow fall we might get stock at high passes. So, that time dry food is must essential.