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Kailash Helicopter Tour with Inner Kora - 16 Days

Kailash helicopter TourMount Kailash (22028 feet) is the holiest and hardest pilgrimage mountain travel in the world. In Tibetan language it is called Kang Ringpohe ( a pious mountain). Mt. Kailash lies in remote western part of Tibet. Mount Kailash is the main source of water forming the major rivers Indus river, Sutlej, Brahmaputra Indus, and Karnali river….it is believed to be the sacred place of eternal bliss. In front of Kailash lies Holy Lake Mansarovar and Rakshas Tal. The Majestic view of Holy Mount. Kailash can be viewed in crystal clear water of Lake Manasarovar. Hindu People believe that Holy Kailash Parbat is the home of Lord Shiva. Having the ritual bath of Holy Lake Manasarovar water it is believed that the sin we have committed will go away.

Actually the helicopter can only go till the boarder of Nepal called Hilsa in the western part of Nepal. So, the best solution of taking Heli- copter service would be taking normal flights from Kathmandu to Nepal-jung and then to Simikot. Form Simikot we will take Helicopeter to Hilsa and drive to Taklakot. Next day we drive to Manasarovar Lake and rest. Then we drive to base camp of Kailash for Parikrama /Kora. After Kora/ circumbulating Mt. Kailash, we proceed to Nyalam and come back to Kathmandu driving. Or instead of Helicopeter from Simikot Limi Valley trek can be combined with Mt. Kailash Tour. It will take a week more days trek that combines best trek in Nepal at Humla valley and trek to Mt. Kaialsh. It keeps you fit in altitude. The people are culture is unique and the best part is this trek is it we would be seeing a relatively untouched part of this world.

The following is the trip outline of Simikot- Holy Mansarovar-Kailash Tibet tour:

Trip day to day itinerary

Day 01 : Arrive Kathmandu (Only for US Passport holders.)
Welcome at the Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu. Tour Representative will greet all and escort you to the hotel for check-in and stay overnight. US Passport Holders to hand over Passports for Visa purposes. Preferably arrive on working day in the early morning hours – so that Visa application could be made same day. Indian Passport holders can join this group from Day 1 at an approx additional cost of Rs. 3,500/= per person per night for Kathmandu stay – Altitude 1350 meters above sea level.

Day 02: Sightseeing in Kathmandu
Sightseeing Kathmandu – Indian Passport holders desiring on joining group at Kathmandu to arrive today and merge with the group. After breakfast in the morning visit Pashupathinath temple - Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Pashupatinath is one of the four most important religious sites in Asia for devotees of Shiva , it stretches on both sides of the Baghmati River which is considered holy by Hindus., Jalanarayan temple or Budhanilkantha, situated at the foot of the Shivpuri Hills in the northern-most part of the Kathmandu Valley, is about 8 km from the city. The shrine with probably the largest stone statue of Lord Vishnu in Nepal is reclining on a bed of Nagas or serpents in the middle of a small pond. The 5-m long granite image carved out of a single rock dates back to the Lichchhavi period and Shakthi Peetam called Gujeshwari - dedicated to Shiva's consort Sati Devi. Evening briefing of the Yatra by Tour Operator. Stay overnight. After briefing - you will have free time for shopping and packing for your trip. Overnight stay at Hotel Indian Passport holders can join this group from today at an approx... additional cost of Rs. 3,500/= per person per night (one night)

Day 03: Fly to Nepalgunj
On arrival Nepalgunj by flight, we will meet tour representative at the airport who will transfer us to the hotel. Taking it slow the rest of today, we could adjust to the altitude easier and quicker. Remember to drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep for the long journey ahead. Overnight at Nepalgunj Hotel. Indian Passport Holders could also alternatively take flight to Lucknow and drive down from Lucknow to Nepalgunj to join all US Passport Holders here in Nepalgunj instead of meeting at Kathmandu. Flight Time 45 Minutes - Altitude 1450 meters above sea level. Overnight at Hotel Siddhartha Cottage -Lucknow to Nepal border (Rupadiha): 225 km, 5 hours drive. -Rupadiha Border to Nepalgunj: 6 km.

Day 04: Fly Simikot- Hilsa. Drive to Purang(Taklakot)
On arrival at Simikot by flight – from same airport take Helicopter to Hilsa – complete immigration formalities at the Border and reach Purang (Taklakot). Check In at our Hotel for overnight stay. Flight Time 45 Minutes - Altitude 1450 meters above sea level. Overnight Simikot inn (dormitory room & common bath room). -Nepalgunj to Simikot flight: 1 hour -Aircraft type: Dornier or Twin otter. -Carrying capacity: Only 16 people at a time. -Elevation of Simikot: 2910 m/9545 fts. -Expected temperature: day time:- 18 to 25 degree Celsius, night time:- 4 to -2 degree Celsius. -Climatic condition: Generally cloudy & rainy.

Day 05: Rest at Purang (Taklakot)
Complete immigration at Hilsa in case all have stayed back overnight at Hilsa and proceed to drive to Taklakot and check in into the Hotel. Rest of the day is free to move around and acclimatize. In case already arrived in Taklakot Hotel previous night – then rest of the day is free to move around and acclimatize. Stay overnight at Taklakot. Overnight Purang Guesthouse (Old wing) -Simikot to Hilsa: by helicopter - Flight duration: 25 minutes -Carrying capacity: 5 persons + 10 kg baggage each. -Hilsa to Chinese immigration (Sheer): only 10 minutes’ walk. - Sheer to Taklakot: 27 km, 45 minutes’ drive by Bus. - Elevation of Taklakot: 4025 m./13202 fts. - Expected temperature: day time:- 22 to 28 degree Celsius/night time:- up to -3 degree Celsius - General climatic condition: mild windy

Day 06: Drive Purang to Manasarovar
As usual, after having morning meal, we pack our belongings, then board on the vehicle and be ready to move towards Lake Manasarovar. Right from the beginning, the highway commences making gradual ascend. The road still keeps ascending up to the high pass that lies before Rakshas lake. The lake 'Rakshas' represents the devil force. This is where Ravana, 'the mighty King of Lanka', had performed a penance to lord Shiva for 5000 years. We will take a brief halt at the shore of lake Rakshash, soak in views and take pictures; then continue our journey towards lake Manasarovar. We check in to the Guesthouse of lake Manasarovar (Chiugompa) then walk to the lakeshore for having sacred dip and performing pooja. After pooja, we will have afternoon meal; board on the vehicle then set off for circumambulation around the lake. The entire circumference of the lake is presumably 82 km, and it demands a minimum two hours to accomplish this part of the journey. Overnight guesthouse. - Taklakot to Lake Manasarovar: 88 km | one & half hour. - Elevation of Lake Manasarovar: 4550 m./14,925 fts - Expected temperature: day time:- 22 to 32 degree Celsius; night time:- -3 to -4 degree. - Climatic condition: windy.

Day 07: Drive Manasarovar to Darchen, Base Camp of Kailash
Manasarovar is the lake of compassion, tranquility and bliss. After completing the memorable morning Bath and Puja we will be heading towards Darchen. Before reaching Darchen we will be moving to Threethapuri approximately travel time will be 3 hrs and then reach Darchen , Darchen is considered as a base camp for the Holy Kailash Parikrama (walking around) - Altitude : 4620 meters - Driving Distance : 35 km Driving Time hr: 1 hr Dinner & Overnight at Hotel

Day 08: 1st Day of Parikrama to Derapuk.
Today is the highlighted day of our journey. The most exciting part, sacred circumambulation around Kailash, commences today from Yama Dwar. From Darchen, it is another half an hour to reach Yama Dwar. Our Yaks, porters and horses are waiting here for us. Those who are making circumambulation around Kailash on feet can instantly proceed for Derapuk; rest of members can commence their journey after taking their horse/s and porter/s. The Total walk to Derapuk is for 4 to 5 hours but the timing depends on your own pace. The route is quite easy, flat but mild ascend. Due to its extreme elevation, we feel tired while walking and need to have break very frequently. From Derapuk view of North face of Kailash in a distance. Yatris who are not going Mt Kailash Parikrama will stay at Darchen till those people going Parikrama return back - Overnight at Shisapanga Guesthouse. - Yama Dwar- Dhriraphuk: 10 km | 5 - 6 hour trek. - Elevation of Dhriraphuk: 4920 m./16,138 fts - Expected temperature: day time:-12 to 18 degree Celsius/night time: -5 to -8 degree. - Average climatic condition: windy and partly cloudy & rainy.

Day 09: 2nd Day of Parikrama to Derapuk to Charan Sparsh
Those desiring to do Charan Sparsh shall trek from Derapuk to and fro Mt. Kailash Charan Sparsh and return back to Derapuk to stay overnight at Derapuk. Those who do not want to do Charan Sparsh will stay at Derapuk for the day.

Day 10: 3rd Day of Parikrama to Zuthulpuk
The hardest and longest walk up and down through the Dolma La Pass to arrive at the village of Zuthulpuk. After having an early breakfast, we will head off east to cross the Lha-chu by a bridge and reach the Dolma La village. An hour after that, we will be walking along the valley of Jarok Donkhang from where we will be heading towards the Shiva-tsal, where pilgrims are supposed to undergo a symbolic death just to be reborn again after arriving at the top of the Dolma La Pass. Up and up all the way to find a great cubic rock ‘Dolma Do’ that marks the top of the Dolma La Pass. The local people follow some rituals to have their sins forgiven. Rest for about an hour to start on a steep descent downwards. While descending from Dolma La, we will pass alongside a small glacial pool, which is almost frozen during May through September. This is Gaurikunda. The legend of this pool is connected with Mata Parvati, the consorts of lord Shiva. Once we make descend journey to the valley floor, the trail becomes flat & easy. The trail is easy and flat up to the Zutulphuk. After some time, you will be finding yourself in a grassy land in an Indian camp. 10 minutes’ walk from the camp will take us to the village of Zuthulpuk. The place got its name from the famous cave of Zuthulpuk also known as the miracle cave. Overnight at Guesthouse .Dinner & Overnight at Guest House. OPTION: Trek –Derapuk – Kuber Kund – Zuthulpuk. Both groups to merge at Zuthulpuk and stay overnight at Zuthulpuk. Overnight Norpel Guesthouse or Monastery guesthouse (Mud house) | dormitory. Derapuk to Zutulphuk: 21 km | (8 - 9 hours trek). - The highest point to cross over: Dolma La pass (5600 m./18,368 fts) - Elevation of Zutulphuk: 4820 m. /15,810 fts. - Expected temperature: 14 to 22 degree Celsius/ night time: -3 to -5 degree. - Average climatic condition: windy

Day 11: 4thDay of Parikrama. Zutulphuk to Darchen
Early Morning after breakfast you trek down of 10 km with the winding gradual track and arrive at the place called Chongdo. Our transport will pick up you and drive to Purang. Today your night halt will be at Darchen. Rest of the Day is off and can take rest. - Zutulphuk to trek ending point: 08 km | 3 hours.

Day 12:
Rest Day at Darchen for next day Inner Parikrama to Asthapad, Nandi & Saptarishi.

Day 13:
Early morning group proceeds to Asthapad – trek from Asthapad to Saptarishi Caves and thereafter to Nandi Hills Parikrama and return back by night to Asthapad. Drive back to Darchen. If possibility of overnight stay in tents near Nandi Hills then preferably stay overnight in tents. If not stay overnight in Darchen / Manasarovar Elevation: - 5900 M for Saptarishi cave Time: - 10 hrs Temperature: - 15 degree

Day 14: Rest day at Darchen or Manasarovar Lake
Option: In the evening drive to Hilsa after immigration and overnight stay in Hilsa. Next morning fly to Simikote-Nepalgunj-Kathmandu.

Day 15: Darchen-Hilsa-Fly Hilsa – Simikot - Nepalgunj - Kathmandu (Depart Nepalgunj - Lucknow)
It takes approx 2 Hrs to reach Hilsa, where you have to go through the immigration formalities. From Taklakot, a military person will accompany the group to escort towards Hilsa. After having luggage checked and going through some formalities again in the boarder, you will cross over the suspension bridge of Karnali river, then enter into the territory of Nepal then fly to Simikot. Take Flight from Simikot to Nepalgunj. The group going to Lucknow separates out at Nepalgunj and drives back to Lucknow to take flight back home. The rest of the group takes flight to Kathmandu. Stay overnight at Kathmandu. Altitude : 1350 meters - Simikot Flight Time : 25 mins - Nepalgunj Flt Time : 45 min - Kathmandu Flt Time : 45 min

Day 16: Depart Kathmandu
After breakfast check out the hotel and transfer to Kathmandu Airport to connect flight for onward journey.

Day 17:
Rest Day at Darchen for next day Inner Parikrama to Asthapad, Nandi & Saptarishi.

Service Included:

  1. One night accommodation in Nepalgunj on full board basis (twin sharing)
  2. All Pick up and drop by private vehicle.
  3. Kathmandu to Nepalgunj flight by schedule (regular) flight.
  4. Hotel in Nepalgunj on full board basis.
  5. Nepaljung to Simikot by regular flight early morning.
  6. Simikot to Hilsa by Helicopter.
  7. All domestic airport taxes.
  8. Permit of Humla/simikot restricted area permits and royalties.
  9. Tibet group visa and travel/trekking permits
  10. Guesthouse accommodation in Tibet
  11. All meals in Tibet (breakfast, lunch & dinner)
  12. Transportation in Tibet in 4WD Land Cruiser (4 passengers in one Land Cruiser)
  13. English speaking Tibetan guide.
  14. Necessary supporting crew (Cook, Sherpas/ supporters)
  15. An experienced Team Leader (co-ordinator)
  16. All necessary camping equipments for Parikrama
  17. Yaks & Yak men during the Parikrama (circumambulation) around Mt. Kailash
  18. Gamow bag (pressure bag) and oxygen for emergency use
  19. Medical kit bag
  20. Supporter cost in Hilsa i.e. transferring the luggage from Hilsa to Sera.
  21. All applicable taxes & service charges.

Service not Included:

  1. Riding Horse, Horseman and helper during the Parikrama/ kora of Holy Mt. Kailash. (approx. USD 280 to USD 350)
  2. Personal insurance. We do the evacuation but bill comes to you.
  3. Personal expenses and bottled drinks/beverages.
  4. Tips for guide, driver and supporting crews.
  5. Cancellation charge as per the Tibet agent policy.
  6. Additional cost due to Natural calamities and unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.
  7. Reshedulation of flights and shorten of the tour by Tibet agent. We have to follow their policy and agreements.

Note: We can take you to Ice Lingma and Sapta-Rishi Cave which is also called Inner Parikrama/Kora. For this we have to be physically fit. We have to have spare day to go for it. )